The Academy’s PSHE syllabus, taught during KS3, combines topics commonly explored as part of the academy’s leadership and citizenship programme. Pupils will learn about their rights and responsibilities, both as individuals and as part of the wider community, and will explore many of the issues faced by young people – both in and outside of the school environment. Pupils will learn about democracy and the rule of law, the English legal system, and gain an understanding of the political landscape and the importance of fundamental British values.

Pupils will also be taught practical life skills, such as how to manage their money effectively, how to budget and save, how to plan for their future careers and harness their entrepreneurial skills, how to foster positive and supportive relationships with others, and how to safeguard their physical and mental health.

Year 7 Year 8
  • The development of the political system of democratic government in the United Kingdom, including the roles of citizens, Parliament and the monarch
  • The operation of Parliament, including voting and elections, and the role of political parties
  • The precious liberties enjoyed by the citizens of the United Kingdom
  • The nature of rules and laws and the justice system, including the role of the police and the operation of courts and tribunals
  • Animal welfare and how this is protected by law
  • The roles played by public institutions and voluntary groups in society, and the ways in which citizens work together to improve their communities, including opportunities to participate in school-based activities
  • The significance of the media and the role it plays in society, along with the pros and cons associated with freedom of press
  • What human rights are and how these affect us
  • What the views are of refugees and those seeking asylum
  • Amnesty and how we should speak out for others
  • Bullying, what it means and how it should be dealt with
  • Campaigning for charities
  • The functions and uses of money, the importance and practicalities of budgeting, saving, and managing risk
  • Exploring options and choices about what to do with our money
  • Understanding the value that we put into our purchases
  • How to complain and exercise rights when shopping
  • Beginning to plan for a career
  • The concept of enterprise and how it works
  • The creation of a new business
  • Positive relationships and their qualities
  • Sex and relationships education
  • Managing the transition from child, to young person, to adult
  • Understanding parenthood and the consequences of teenage pregnancy
  • Understanding the factors which support family life and bringing up children
  • Establishing support networks and evaluating the roles different people play in our lives
  • The dangers of drug and alcohol consumption and the effects of this on society
Assessment at KS3

Formal assessment takes place at the end of each Half-Term.

Enrichment Offer

Pupils have access to a wide range of leadership and civic activities to support and enhance their learning, including community service projects, charitable initiatives and campaigns and the opportunity to stand as a representative for their year group as part of the Pupil Council.