Design and technology is part of everyday life and is constantly evolving. Our Product Design curriculum focuses on developing practical skills within a particular material area, allowing pupils to learn about industry standards and manufacture products with high quality outcomes. Pupils learn about commercial processes and careers in related industries, as well as developing core transferable skills, such as collaboration and communication.
Product Design at KS3
Year 7 Year 8

  • Resistant Materials: Produce a Clock


  • Introduction to food and skills


  • Hand embroidered apron
  • Nature printing project

  • Batik cushion cover


  • CAD/CAM healthy drinks carton

Resistant Materials:

  • Sustainable acoustic speaker


  • Eat Well Guide


  • Carnival cupcake packaging

Resistant Materials

  • Key ring, decorative finger joint box

Product Design 1:

  • Carnival masks

Product Design 2:

  • Pop-up cards

Formal Assessment takes place at the end of each Half-Term.

Product Design at KS4 (GCSE)
Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
  • Project 1: Graphics: Graphical techniques: 1 and 2 point
    perspective, isometric drawing, colour theory, texture,
    orthographic drawing.
  • Project 2: Textiles: Joining and embellishment project:
    seam samples, hems, surface decoration techniques.
  • Project 3: Resistant Materials & Graphics
    project:Design and make an earbud from R.M materials, learn
    about packaging using ICT skills and marking techniques
    before producing a point of sales display.
  • Project 4: Resistant Materials: Design and make a dove tail Jewellery box made from wood. Learn different decoration techniques before decorating it inside and out with mix media)
  • Controlled Assessment and theory
  • Research and analysis of chosen design brief
  • Designing and development
  • Making
  • Controlled Assessment: Evaluation
  • Exam Revision: Materials and Components, New materials,
    Manipulating and combining materials
  • Design and Marketing Influences, Design Methodology,
    Design in Practice, Human Factors, Ethical, environmental
    and sustainability issues, Consumer issues.
  • Processes and Manufacture

Examination Board: AQA

Unit 1 – Written Paper
Overview Focus
  • Written exam (2 hours)
  • 120 marks
  • 40% of GCSE
  • Pre-Release material issued
Candidates answer all questions in two sections:

Section A is approximately 30% of exam based on
pre-released materials where pupils design products to meet
the specification using graphical techniques, produce a
product plan and evaluate them.

Section B is a variety of questions based on general
Product Design knowledge such as materials, environmental
issues, product marketing consumer issues etc.

Unit 2 – Design and Making Practice
Overview Focus
  • Controlled assessment (approx 45 hours)
  • 90 marks
  • 60% of GCSE
Consists of a single design and make activity selected from a range of tasks set by the Examination Board.
Enrichment Offer

After-school sessions are offered to KS4 pupils studying Product Design each week by all teachers.

Useful Resources and Revision Support