Enabling us to Be Our Best

Message From Our Principal

Here at Highfield Leadership Academy, we remain committed to our mission of delivering educational excellence and character development whilst serving our communities during these challenging times.   

We have developed an online virtual school, to enable our young people to be their best and continue on their learning journey, even when they are not physically in our Academy.   

Pupils can access live lessons, revision, and support materials.  Our pastoral team will regularly upload key messages and assemblies. This will ensure that a consistent learning experience is available to allow our young people to be happy, safe and well. 

The launch of Highfield’s virtual school is a proactive step to keep us connected, and to ensure that all our students continue to shine.  

Parental support

Learning at home can be trickier for your child than learning in school. As well as doing the usual school work, your child has try to stay motivated and be more independent in their learning. These are quite difficult skills to master, but can improve with practice. Independence in learning is a key skill that will benefit all students as they approach examinations, as they progress to college or university and as adults in everyday life. The guidance and tips here will help encourage your child to be proactive in thinking about their learning and in dealing with any issues or concerns themselves, before asking teachers or parents to address the issues. This will aid the development of your child’s independence.  


To support each of our pupils in accessing their virtual school day, please use the guidance here. It includes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help troubleshoot any issues that may arise. If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via, naming in the ‘subject’ to the email ‘FAO: [your child’s Head of year]’.


 As your child may be self-isolating, we have collated their year group timetable which will ensure a normal virtual school day can take place. We believe it’s vital that we try and offer as many of the experiences afforded in school to each of our pupils who are at home. This will include access to form-time, assemblies, each class on your child’s timetable, and even some leadership experiences. Please follow the guidance under ‘Access’ to support your child with accessibility.

Keeping our academy community connected

We are committed to keeping our academy community connected during these challenging times. Students and staff who are working from home can still access and contribute to our leadership and charity projects.  Leadership Team groups have been set up and details about our charity projects are regularly posted on our Year Group Team Channels. We also promote our work and share information via our Twitter channel which helps us to sustain our relationships, not only with our academy family but the wider community.