Highfield’s sports teams are continuing to dominate Blackpool’s school league tables and have enjoyed many successes during the winter season, displaying excellent sportsmanship and a fiercely competitive team spirit.

The academy’s Year 7 and Year 11 football teams finished top of their respective leagues, with Year 7 winning all of their matches by a convincing margin. The Year 9 and Year 10 football teams also performed extremely well, finishing in 3rd place overall.

Highfield’s netball team is currently mid-season, but Years 7, 8 and 9 remain undefeated so far and hope to continue their winning streak during future matches. Based on their outstanding performance in the past, the academy is confident that the girls will once again go on to achieve great things, having previously triumphed at the Under 14s Blackpool Schools’ Netball Tournament last year.

Lots of after school practice helped the Year 8 volleyball team to secure third place in the “premier” league, and Highfield’s KS3 badminton teams have also progressed well, with the boys’ team narrowly missing out on 1st place in the league tables, and the girls’ team ranking in 3rd place overall.

Highfield’s sports teams act as outstanding ambassadors for the academy, proving that Highfield remains a force to be reckoned with in the sporting arena.

Penny Rimmer, Assistant Principal, said:
“We are incredibly proud of all of our sports teams and their considerable achievements throughout the year. All of our pupils have played at a consistently high standard, and our teams are invariably ranked amongst the top three in their respective league tables. We hope to continue to build on this success moving forwards, as our pupils have an admirable work ethic, lots of natural talent, and a real sense of team spirit. It is wonderful to see so many young leaders emerging, and to watch them play with such skill, energy and enthusiasm.”