Those pupils who effectively demonstrate our STAR values and behaviours and play an integral and positive role in the Academy community will have the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills by becoming an Academy Leader. Such pupils are expected to embody our mission of educational excellence, character development and service to communities through a commitment to excelling in their studies and helping others in their spare time, conducting themselves with integrity and being respectful to everyone they encounter. They will be willing to go the extra mile in terms of helping staff and supporting their fellow pupils, and behave impeccably both in and outside of the Academy.
Pupil Council

Our Academy has a vibrant Pupil Council, which gives pupils the opportunity to be actively involved in the leadership and management of the Academy. The Pupil Council provides a democratic forum where pupils can address Academy-related issues that affect their lives, ensuring open lines of communication between pupils and Academy staff.

Pupils develop an understanding of the importance of freedom of speech and democracy, learning how to effect change in a constructive way. They develop a greater understanding of their rights and responsibilities, and are able to address and debate issues of concern with staff. Elected by their peers, the Pupil Council gives all pupils a much-needed “voice,” ensuring that they become partners in their own education and are given a say in terms of how they learn and achieve.

Head Boy and Girl

Our Head Boy and Head Girl act as ambassadors for the Academy and are excellent role models and leaders. They represent the Academy at open evenings, presentations and functions and have excellent public speaking skills. Their behaviour, conduct, appearance and attitude to work is of an exemplary standard at all times, and their attendance and punctuality is excellent. They regularly and enthusiastically participate in Academy events and enrichment activities, lead fundraising initiatives, and volunteer for charity.

The Head Boy and Head Girl have positive relationships with both pupils and staff, acting as mentors to their peers and ensuring that Prefects undertake their responsibilities effectively, whilst also supporting staff in the commission of their duties.


Our prefects are committed to demonstrating the academy’s Star values and are expected to display the highest standards of behaviour, attitude, and appearance. They help to deliver academy events as well as leading assemblies, charity, and social action initiatives. These young people set a positive example when supervising their peers so that everyone can Be Their Best.

Anti-bullying Ambassadors

Our Academy works in partnership with the Diana Award Charity which is supported by HRH The Duke of Cambridge. The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign engages young people, parents, and teachers to change negative attitudes and behaviours so that together we can create a culture of kindness and respect both online and offline. In 2019 our school was awarded showcase status from the charity in recognition of the great progress achieved in tackling bullying behaviours. Our Anti Bullying Ambassadors help educate their peers and local primary pupils about healthy friendships and bullying behaviours as well as running support groups during their social times and participating in national events.

Anne Frank Trust Ambassadors 

We work with The Anne Frank Trust UK, an education charity, that empowers young people with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to challenge all forms of prejudice and discrimination. The education programme uses Anne Frank’s powerful life story and diary as their starting point. Our trained ambassadors use their voice to share Anne’s message of social justice and equality.  They design and promote their own campaigns, deliver assemblies, write speeches, and make films. In 2021 our pupils created a piece of musical and spoken word work with the charity that was used to launch the Anne Frank Trust’s annual Holocaust Memorial Day event. We encourage our ambassadors to work towards a vision of society that is free from prejudice and discrimination.  

Transition Leaders

Our Transition Leaders provide support for our new Year 7 pupils – individually and as a group, to help them settle in, make progress and to achieve their full potential. They visit pupils at their primary schools, deliver virtual transition sessions throughout the year and help to run Year 7 support clubs. Our Transition Leaders are approachable, compassionate, and patient, with good listening and communication skills. They play a vital role in helping our new pupils feel happy, safe and able to shine. 

Highfield Helpers

Our Highfield Helpers play a proactive role in promoting our Star value of Service. They organise and deliver charity and volunteer opportunities which support our wider community.  In 2018 and 2019, our Highfield Helpers received a Community Service award from Blackpool Coastal Housing for their continued commitment to tackling social isolation through intergenerational projects. In 2020 the group was also shortlisted for a TES award for their community work. 

Eco Champions

As our sustainability leaders, these young people take the lead in helping to educate our school about environmental issues. They work alongside community groups such as LoveMyBeach and Highfield Road Park to help look after our Blackpool.


Academy librarians help to look after the Academy library by managing loans and returns and ensuring that the library is kept neat and tidy. Our librarians have excellent IT and organisational skills and encourage their fellow pupils to develop a passion for reading, helping them to browse for books.

Subject Ambassadors

Pupil Subject Leaders work with subject departments to improve all aspects of teaching and learning in the Academy. They meet regularly, usually with the Head of Department, providing feedback, research, fresh ideas and pupil perspectives, as well as monitoring progress that is made.