Sport is an important part of Academy life. Sport is seen as a learning experience and an excellent opportunity to develop character and leadership skills. As well as the obvious physical and mental health benefits, sport helps young people develop wider skills and attributes that benefit them in other areas of their lives. Several studies have shown that participation in sports often leads to improved attainment, lower absence rates, and better numeracy scores. Sport can also enhance self-esteem and deter young people from engaging in anti-social behaviour.

Through our Academy’s sports programmes, our pupils learn teamwork, leadership, self-discipline, focus and competitiveness – all of which will stand them in good stead for their future careers and in their role as community leaders. They also learn important lessons in humility, such as how to lose graciously and the importance of striving for continuous improvement.

The variety of clubs and sports on offer reflect the breadth and talents of our pupils and ensure that all pupils have an opportunity to participate in sports they enjoy and excel in. Our teams compete successfully in major competitions at all levels.

Sports Captain

All of our Academy’s sports teams have a Sports Captain, a member of the team who is elected to a leadership role because of their ability to motivate others and lead with the core values of STAR. The Sports Captain is chosen on the strength of their performance, their ability to strategize and assess the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents, and the level of their enthusiasm and commitment. Sports Captains help to lead their teammates to success because they can be relied upon to perform consistently and remain calm under pressure. As with all good leaders, they keep their team’s spirits high, even when things are not going well.

PE and Sports Ambassadors

Our PE and Sports ambassadors are selected pupils who assist the department with the delivery of sport and recreation initiatives. Through their volunteering, PE and Sports ambassadors are role models for Health and Fitness within the Academy and community. PE and Sports ambassadors take responsibility for:

  • Increasing participation in sports and healthy lifestyles
  • Promoting sport, and motivating and inspiring others to get involved in sport in the academy, clubs and the local community
  • Being the young peoples’ voice on PE and sport in the academy
  • Leading and delivering sports-related activities to younger year groups