Highfield pupils interested in a career in the services got a taste of army life recently.

The school hosted a visit from the British Army’s National Recruiting Centre Outreach Team. They worked with our Personalised Learning Centre (PLC) pupils and Year 11 pupils who are interested in careers in the army.

Over the course of the day the pupils completed team building tasks, problem solving activities and memory games. They took part in a question and answer session on army live, discovered the range of roles available within the army and found out how to apply.

After the experience our PLC pupils stated that they had enjoyed the activities and gained a better understanding of how important team work actually is. They couldn’t believe how many roles there were in the army and that the majority didn’t have anything to do with combat.

Each pupil took away something new from the day, be it a mindset (they discovered they can work in teams with others), new information (about the army and roles within it) or understanding (to think outside the box). Some pupils surprised themselves with how much more confident they felt working in activity situations, and some new friendships were formed among pupils who didn’t know one another previously.

Following the session, some PLC pupils are considering the public service course at Blackpool & the Fylde College, having changed their perceptions of the army as a career.