We understand that every pupil is different. They learn in different ways and have different interests and areas of strength. Individual pupils also have different needs at different times. Our pastoral care strategy is geared towards helping each pupil discover where their particular talents lie and offering tailored support when they need it.

We have a highly personalised approach to meeting the academic, physical and emotional needs of every pupil. We use information and data from primary schools, our own assessments, national tests and from our meetings with pupils and their parents to make sure we know our pupils well and understand their individual needs.

A combination of outstanding learning and teaching, wide-ranging enrichment activities, regular opportunities for emotional and character development and an extensive programme of challenge and support enables us to maximise every pupil’s chance of success.

Year Team System

The Year Team is responsible for ensuring the welfare of pupils. They work closely with parents and guardians to make sure a support structure is in place for every pupil.

Every pupil is assigned to a form led by a Tutor who is the first point of contact between home and the Academy. Tutors make sure parents are regularly updated on any issues that are preventing their child from learning and take particular care during the transition from primary to secondary school.

Five Heads of Year make up the Pastoral Team supported by a Senior Leader.  In addition, the team also includes Pastoral and Progress Officers (PPOs) who are deployed to work with pupils and their families when required.