Pupils will be able to access a wide range of interventions within the centre. The interventions will be personalised and bespoke to each pupil’s needs.

Interventions include:

Aim of Intervention






Boxall Profile


All about me booklet

Personal Construct Theory, Ideal School and Ideal Self

Resilience Frame work

Social Communication


(social skills, receptive and expressive language, resilience, self-esteem, problem solving)



Lego Therapy

Structured group talk

Talkabout for Teenagers programme

Solution-focused problem solving

Group tasks using specialised resources eg

Socially Speaking game, Sentence Starters, Story Cubes

Emotional Toolkit including visuals (AS)

AS specific intervention eg Social Stories, Comic Strip Conversations

Newsround (listening, recalling, verbalising)

Friendships and Relationships


(bullying, resilience, team building, self-esteem, social esteem)

Stay Strong Resources (KS3 – for pupils who have experienced bullying)

Friendship Matters (for girls)

Talkabout for Teenagers

Fiona Speirs PSHE Curriculum

Resilience building through Art activities






Resilience Framework

Boing Boing Materials – building the resilient tutor group

Be Brave resources (KS3)

Resilience building through Art

Emotional wellbeing / Relaxation



12-week Relaxation programme (KS3, KS4)

Mindfulness Transition (4 sessions for KS3)

No Worries resources (KS3)

Art-based sessions

Emotional Regulation


(behaviour management strategies)





HIP B 12-week programme (KS3, KS4)

HIP C 12-week programme (for pupils who also have social communication difficulties)

Hello Happy resource (KS3)


Solution-focused problem solving

Sort it out programme


1-1   work on specific issues

Sessions to support solution-focused problem solving




Reptilian brain (flight, fight, freeze)

Emotional Toolkit – visuals of strategies

Art Therapy

Personal Social Construct Theory

In-academy support

Visuals – Smart Ladder

Solution-focused problem solving and debriefing

Desensitisation and orientation around the academy