Chartwells, one of the leading catering providers for schools, prepares an enticing range of nutritionally-balanced, mouth-watering meals for Highfield pupils every lunch time. As well as serving freshly-prepared food every day, Chartwells is committed to educating pupils about the benefits of healthy eating and exercise through a range of enjoyable and engaging activities.

This week, pupils discovered just how versatile “pedal power” can be when they were introduced to the “Smoothie Bike,” a purpose-built bicycle that acts as a human-powered blender. Reiterating the importance of eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day, Chartwells gave pupils the opportunity to select their preferred combinations of fruit, which were then placed in a blender attached to the bicycle. After a few minutes of pedalling – which quickly produced enough energy to grind up the fruit – it proved easy to make a “smoothie” that lived up to its name. Not only did pupils enjoy tasting the fruits of their labour, they also learnt about sustainable energy and how it helps to conserve our environment.

Principal Lynette Norris praised the initiative:
“We are extremely grateful to Gavin Macgregor from Chartwells for presenting the concept of ‘Five-a-Day’ to our pupils in such an innovative and enjoyable way. Drinking smoothies is an easy way to meet our recommended daily allowance of fruit and vegetables, and the “Smoothie Bike” was a wonderful method of illustrating the importance of exercise and healthy eating. After tasting the outcomes of their exertions, I think a lot more of our pupils will see the merits of eating – or drinking! – five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.”